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  1. All prices shown below are in Australian Dollars (AU$).
  2. Check your domain name for spelling errors before submission.
  3. All domain names payments are non-refundable.
  4. Please read our Domain Name Help information at right.
  5. Once certain of the name, please proceed to the checkout page.
  6. Registration is for two years.
  7. A domain registration certificate for all Australian domains will be issued when payment is received.




BUY $37.50 2 years Checkout $37.50 2 years Checkout $37.50 2 years Checkout $37.50 2 years Checkout $37.50 2 years Checkout
.com $29.50 2 years Checkout
.net $29.50 2 years Checkout
.org $29.50 2 years Checkout
.info $29.50 2 years Checkout
.biz $29.50 2 years Checkout

Custom Web Design

Domain Info

faqRemember to keep your proposed domain name short and to the point. The less there is to remember, the more clients or everyday web surfers will recall it at a later date. The only real concern these days is that many domains with short names are long gone. You might also find that some other organisations may already have your domain name registered, even though they are doing nothing with it. Be careful! It's commonly known as "domain aftermarket", in which previously registered domain names are up "for sale".

Keep Names Specific
Domain names can't have spaces, but hyphens can be used to split up names which might confuse visitors, e.g., which, unless you know that it refers to the Italian Power Generator Co., can lead to misunderstandings. Still, use of a hyphen can be misleading for some. When typing in the name for example, one can easily forget where the one or two hyphens might go, and this can lead to your browser pointing to an empty page, or worse, leading potential customers to a rival client.

Hosting Packages - What's Best 4 U
Basically it boils down to what you need a website to do for you. If you're planning an online business and expect plenty of traffic, then we suggest a premium package. If you're simply putting your family album or perhaps the family tree online so other family members can view it, and expect little other traffic, then we suggest the Lite Plan. A Standard Plan is for those just starting out, and want to feel the water before committing to something bigger and more expansive.